Start your successful sales career 
in one of the world’s best sales training programs. From sophisticated data analysis to winning propositions, you’ll gain the trust of a variety of customers by delivering insights, ideas, and innovation to build our brands and categories.

Our newly designed traineeship provides you an opportunity to join us for12-18 months and you will have the opportunity to join the company on a permanent basis in a managerial position, upon successful completion of your traineeship program.


Did you know that some of the world’s best marketing professionals and business leaders started at P&G? Our internships offer a truly unique experience, and if you want to make an early impact in the industry and on your career, P&G has what you’re looking for. Apply now and become one of them.

Internship programs provides you an opportunity to join us for3 months (with the possibility of extension up to 6 months or employment as a manager).

Deciding to become an intern at P&G is a big decision. But opting to join a company that offers incredible real-world experience that you can’t get anywhere else is an easy one to make. You’ll expand your knowledge based on personal experiences, coaching, and resources within our best-in-class learning platforms. You’ll also work alongside great managers who will invest in your development and give you feedback to help you grow and improve.

What we will offer you:

Meaningful work as of Day1 – you will feel the ownership of your projects from the beginning, while receiving specific responsibilities and coaching in the same time;
Continuous coaching & mentoring– you will work with passionate people and receive both formal training as well as day-to-day mentoring from your manager and peers;
Dynamic and respectful work environment – employees are at the core; we value every individual and we encourage initiatives promoting agility and work-life integration;
Competitive salary package and benefits.

P&G internship is your gateway into the company. It’s your chance to build global, groundbreaking databases, establish face-to-face relationships with our most important customers, handle multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns, and more. All before you graduate. All from Day 1.
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