Data Scientist Trainee @ BRD – Groupe Société Générale in Bucharest

Our expectations from you:

Required background:

  • Computer science,  Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics or Specialized Master in Data Science. 
  • Another internship in Data Engineering or Data Science could be a plus.

Technical skills ( good to know):

  • Data Mining Techniques and Machine Learning: Data Extraction, Scoring Techniques, Anomaly Detection, sampling techniques, Social Network Analysis, Deep Learning;
  • Data Science Visualization and Data Science Related Programming Languages: R Language, SPARK/PYSPARK+MLLib (Machine Learning Library for SPARK), HADOOP, SQL, SAS, D3JS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, PHP;
  • Statistics: Descriptive Statistics, Dimensionality Reduction techniques (Principal Component Analysis – PCA) Encoding of categorical variables, etc..

Soft skills:

  • you are rigorous, responsibility-driven and result-oriented and you qualify as a problem solver
  • you are proactive and you do not hesitate to share your point of view and differentiate yourself by finding innovative solutions existing beyond any pre-existing framework
  • you like to work in a challenging operational environment with large autonomy

Language skills: 

  • good knowledge of English (read, spoken and written)
  • French would be a plus


  • make sure to understand and express missions needs for data access and extraction; 
  • organize data mining and collection;
  • as a strong partner, you will have to help audit teams with the management of these data-induced changes in the audit techniques.

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