Top Employers Romania 2016

Top Employers Romania 2016: Congratulations!

Following the Top Employers Methodology and the HR Best Practices Survey covering more than 600 HR practices, these organisations have demonstrated that they provide the highest standard of employee offerings:

What do Top Employers say about the Certification?

Kaufland Romania
Estera Anghelescu
Personnel Development & Employer Branding Director

„Nowadays market trends are a real challenge for all of us. When it comes to the retail industry, a lot of potential candidates only think of the stores which represent a brand and less of the key factors which empower a brand. The certification we received from the Top Employers Institute has succeeded to highlight, through a complex internal audit process, the HR strategy and instruments applied by Kaufland Romania, in order to offer to all our employees a challenging work experience with us, enriched with a motivating package of benefits.

At the same time, it proofed that we are one of the Top Employers which constantly invests time and resources in their team in order to achieve high performance in business, because we realized that this is the only way to be a reference to follow on the Romanian market. This was the way we managed to be and remain for 5 years in a row the number 1 retail company in Romania.”

British American Tobacco Shared Services Europe
Marinela Tanase
Head of HR

„We are extremely proud to hold the Top Employers Certification 2016, which means that we are not just a recognized and respected employer in Romania but also in the rest of Europe. The high standards and the thoroughness of the benchmark methodology which serves as a basis for auditing our HR policies & practices are particularly remarkable and demanding and for us, challenging the status quo isn’t just healthy but also essential in a dynamic landscape like the Shared Service environment

Talent is critical to delivering our business agenda so having this certification positions us as a Employer of Choice in the todays competitive market place and gives us the credibility to say we are really leading edge in terms of companies to work for & demonstrates the quality of our employee value proposition.

Also, Top Employer Certification is an additional proof of our working environment & people practices where people not only develop professionally, reach their potential but also have access to – and are inspired by – some of the best employee provisions.”