JTI Internship Program – Bucuresti – 2018

JTI Internship Program reaches this year its 11th edition since its launching. It has been and continues to be an enriching experience for all colleagues involved, no matter if they are mentors or interns, in a friendly, nurturing, collaborative environment of fresh perspectives and ideas whilst having fun, enabling them to grow their careers.

The objective of the program is to offer a practical professional experience to students or fresh graduates in order to enable them to experience a multinational working environment whilst learning from professionals, the responsibility of a role, the importance of working in a team so that they are at ease to choose their professional career path.

The internship period is of three months during summer (July – September) and requires full time involvement of interns: 8h/day, 5 days/week. Each intern has a defined role within the team, with clear responsibilities for the entire period. A mentor is assigned for each student/fresh graduate joining the Internship, who accompanies the intern during the program’s period, helping him/her to accommodate with the team and job responsibilities, creating in the same time, a learning environment in order to support his/her personal and professional growth.

A mandatory condition for the applicants is to be students (still enrolled for Bachelor / Master Degree) or to graduate the University courses in the same year when the program is running.

This year, we are hosting 16 positions within the program, covering various areas such as:

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