LSEG Academy (technical sessions)

Join LSEG Academy between 27 October – 5 November 2020.

London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is hosting a series of webinars dedicated to students, the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about LSEG and learn from professionals

The 6 live technical sessions within LSEG Academy will address both technical topics and practical topics on how you can have a great career start.

Find the best session for you and apply below. You will receive a confirmation email including the connection details.

     Introduction to clearing webinar

27 October, between 15:00-16:30

Attend this session to find out what clearing is and how software provides the necessary tools to do it efficiently. You can also understand a clearing system software architecture for Fixed Income and discover the near future improvements we are currently working on.

SPEAKERS: Vlad Diaconu, Team Lead C++ Software Developer (Fixed Income – LCH) and Poorna Narayanaswamy, Lead Business Analyst on Repoclear SA, Repoclear LTD and CRS

     Quantitative World at the first glance webinar

28 October, between 15:00 and 16:30

Attend this session to find out what a quant is and what type of quant you can be (Quantitative Researcher – Model Validation/Research; Quantitative Trader; Quantitative Developer; Financial Engineer). The session will also help you understand what a model is: types of models (including references to LSEG entities such as Refinitiv/FTSE Russell/Beyond Ratings) and what skills you need to be a quant.

SPEAKERSMihaela-Adriana Nistor, Quantitative Risk Analyst and Sanja Hukovic, Head of Model Risk Validation

     The technology that powers London Stock Exchange webinar

3 November, between 15:00 and 16:30

By joining this session, you will find out what an exchange does, you will get familiar with the typical exchange architecture and with the main technical properties of an exchange, as for example fault tolerance and low latency. You will also find out what makes a successful engineer in finance.

SPEAKERS: Mihai Tudor, Head of Software Development and Alexandru Tataru, Senior Developer

     Dynamic SQL model webinar

4 November, between 15:00 and 16:30

Attend this session to find out more about the differences between static and dynamic SQL and how we are using dynamic SQL to adapt our database model to the client needs.

SPEAKERS: Maria Neata, Development Architect

Registration and participation are free.