International Management Trainee Program – METRO Potentials Ready2Lead

Step now into your 1st Management Position!

– Are you a master graduate full of energy and committed to success? Are you result-oriented and open to change?
– Do you have the passion and drive to build the future of wholesale business and leave your personal footprint?
– Are you a strong communicator and able to inspire those around you? Do you have leadership abilities and teamwork skills?
– Do you have what it takes to be a future leader?

Then join us today!

  • Entry requirements:
    • Recently graduated with a master’s degree from university, business school or hotel management school (BBA)
    • Extracurricular activities
    • A maximum of three years work experience
    • Aged between 23 and 28 years
    • International experience
    • Learning and networking agility
    • Excellent written and spoken English
    • Self-driven and ambitious
    • Strong communication skills
  • Why METRO Potentials?
    • For two years you will learn our business from ground up ( you will work in all our company departments)
    • You will have 9 months international exposure (training on the job in another METRO country and three months in our global HQ in Dusseldorf)
    • You are constantly developing your management capabilities through extensive training and assigned top management coaches and mentors
    • Join a fast track program towards a management position in our wholesale business

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FAQ – Below you have some frequent questions about METRO POTENTIALS

Our METRO POTENTIALS programme was developed to further qualify internal and external talents for management positions. Through a demanding selection procedure we identify POTENTIALS who will later be introduced to the challenges of internatio- nal wholesaling.

To apply for the participation of METRO POTENTIALS, several criteria need to be met. In the following section we will answer the most popular questions.

What is the programme about?

Our METRO POTENTIALS programme fast-tracks ambitious master’s degree graduates and, talented young professionals, to a management career in international wholesale. Over two years, trainees develop leadership skills within a challenging, fast-paced environment to become fully trained managers in METRO Cash & Carry stores.

The programme is divided into ve assignment phases that take place in trainees’ home country and others abroad. Here, they bene t from on-the-job and off-the-job learning modules, acquiring knowledge about our business and building their global network with other METRO POTENTIALS.

How long is the programme?

The programme lasts two years and is comprised of ve training blocks that are between three and six months long.

How is the two-year programme structured?

The programme is comprised of ve training blocks that are between three and six months long, with rotations in different business environments. Trainees will always start in their home country, and will cover different project assignments and training activities with every new rotation.

The first rotation takes place in-store and aims to develop a basic understanding of METRO processes.

The second rotation takes place in the local country Head Of ce. This provides trainees with a deeper understanding of our business, and develops their cross- functional abilities.

The third rotation will always take place abroad, either in a store or Head Of ce. This aims to broaden trainees‘ international perspective of our business.

The fourth rotation is spent at the Corporate Headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, and focuses on developing innovative capabilities.

The last rotation returns the trainees to their home country. They develop further leadership skills in order to prepare them for their rst management position.

When does it start?

The METRO POTENTIALS programme starts once a year on 1st September.

Which countries run the programme?

This programme is designed for METRO Cash & Carry countries only, as it intends to develop new managers and executives within those countries. Romania is one of the countries running the programme.

How flexible is the programme content?

Each country has the freedom to tailor trainee projects to meet local business needs. However, this takes place alongside formal training elements, which are determined by a global Programme Manager. These latter elements address broader development needs and focus on nurturing trainees’ business knowledge and leadership skills.

What are the main criteria for joining the programme?

  • »  Master’s degree from a local top university, business or hospitality school; or up to

    three years’ work experience,

  • »  strong leadership potential,
  • »  international mobility,
  • »  excellent written and spoken English skills, and ideally, another foreign language,
  • »  passing an international Assessment Centre test.


Is the programme available for internal applicants?

Yes, if internal employees meet the programme criteria they are welcome to apply. Their line manager will make the decision to put their name forward as a potential candidate.

Internal candidates are also required to participate in the international Assessment Centre, in order to qualify.

What are the steps of your recruitment process? And, where and when do the Assessment Centre days take place?
Each country is responsible for selecting external and internal candidates before they go to the international Assessment Centre. This preliminary selection process involves screening applications, conducting local interviews and tests at local assessment centres, and receiving a nal nomination by the local country board.

The countries then nominate candidates for the international Assessment Centre. These take place every July  The final selection of management trainees is made by a panel of METRO Cash & Carry Group directors and
country board members. Only the best candidates will pass the Assessment Centre.

How can I apply?

You can apply on