DB Techschool – IT Internship at DB Global Technology in Bucharest

DB Global Technology is looking for an intern for Bucharest who wants to start his career in an international company.

Font End Developer | Java Developer | Application support engineer

We are looking for the best people to help create the next big thing in digital banking.

The Goal

We are developing an internship program that is specially designed to create and evolve highly motivated and passionate candidates. Our DB Techschool aims to bring students and graduates of a technical university into the organizational and multicultural working environment from our Bucharest Technology Center.
Here you will have the opportunity to work beside our colleagues along the shadowing stage that will expose you to our day-to-day working environment.

During the program, we will encourage you to show us how passionate and fast learner you are and if we like you and you feel like you belong here, we will be more than happy to offer you the chance to be our colleague in the very same project that your shadowing stage took place.

DB Techschool is a 3-months paid internship program with a competitive internship salary, with 6 hours/day in order to fit in with your university’s schedule.

This is your opportunity to experience a multicultural work environment by working aside with our passionate international teams and even become our colleague.

Your profile

• Preferably Bachelor’s or Master degree from an accredited college or university with a concentration in Computer Science or Software Engineering (or equivalent) – with a minor in Finance, Mathematics or Engineering.

We are looking for motivated candidates who show us:

• Good communication and presentation skills;
• Ability to work in distributed teams;
• Proficient communication and English language skills (written/verbal);
• Ability to learn fast.
• Can do mind-set and attitude
• Excellent team worker
We are looking for basic or advanced knowledge in one or more of the following
• JAVA, C++ experience
• Knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, HTML
• Knowledge in databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL
• Knowledge inJSP, JQuery, Javascript, Ajax calls, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Maven, SOAP and Rest WS.
• Knowledge in application servers: Tomcat, Weblogic or other similar application servers
• Editors (Sublime, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Komodo, Visual Studio (for C++), Eclipse, VIM etc)
• Versioning tool (GIT, SVN, etc)
• Basic networking knowledge
• Basic knowledge of security principles
• Have an understanding of IT project management
• ITIL understanding
• Previous production support experience is nice to have
• Ability to understand business requirements and to relate them to defects and propose hot fixes.
• Ability to work on tight schedule.
• Ability to work effectively with senior IT and Business stakeholders.

Other technical skills:
• OOP (abstract data types, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism; object classes and interfaces, exceptions and libraries of object collections);
• communication protocols (ISO/OSI and TCP/IP models; how HTTP protocol works; e-mail protocols (SMTP, IMAP));
• what is an application webserver and how it works (Tomcat, JBoss, etc);
• data structures (arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees);
• algorithms (able to design an algorithm; able to implement an algorithm in a programming language; able to compute the complexity of an algorithm);
• design principles (reusability principle/ DRY, KISS);
• design patterns (singleton, factory, adaptor, decorator, null object, strategy, etc);
• operating systems (operating system structure; difference between a process and a thread; memory management; file system; system security; virtualization).

If you are interested apply to our internship program.

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