Webinar Veeam Talks: Technical Support Advanced Log Diving

Join Veeam Talks: Technical Support Advanced Log Diving!


About this webinar

Join us for our latest tech webinar. In this session, we’ll talking about Advanced Log Diving.

In the previous sessions we took a quick look at different product functions and typical support cases. 

This time we will focus on a more complex solution you don’t normally solve unless you have sufficient experience, and we demonstrate more in-depth approach and tools usage for troubleshooting.

We’ll even be holding a Q&A so you can find all the answers here! 

Speaker: Denis Churaev – Team Leader, Tier 2 Customer Technical Support for EMEA

Denis has 7 year experience with Veeam. Started as Junior Support Engineer he now occupies two team lead positions and continues to develop the new Tier 2 team in the Bucharest office.


On 9th of December 2021 | 18:00

We look forward to seeing you there!